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Thomas as Santa appears - Palmer School Play 12/02

Santa's Trombone - Palmer School Play 12/02

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John's trip to the 2005 National Scout Jamboree

Paddlesports HAT Training

Troop 302, Mt. Diablo-Silverado Council

Favorite Links
Kevin and Kell  This is a link to "Kevin and Kell", one of many, many, internet comic strips.  The essential differences are :

1) The artist, Bill Holbrook, is a pro; he has two commercially syndicated strips, Safe Havens and On the Fastrack
2) K&K was the first strip to be syndicated on the Web;
3) I do the FAQ posted on two of the K&K web sites, and
4) I'm a not-so-secret Lindesfarne Dewclaw groupie.   I bought the original artwork to this strip because it's Kate and me all the way
5) Bill used one of my ideas for a strip, the only time he's ever used a reader's suggestion outside of commissioned work!  This is it here.
6) Bill did a con badge of me as a bear :

It's probably an improvement

The rest of the links in no particular order :
User Friendly, one of the groundbreaking Internet webcomics, featuring a crew of technogeeks, a marketeer who was born to be spanked, the Smiling Man, and Dust Puppy.
Ozy and Mille Zen, silly, political, childish. Why not?
The Whiteboard, by Doc Nickel A polar bear in a machine shop, with his paintball crew. Don't miss The Paintball At The End Of The Universe.
21 Century Fox The art wasn't great, but has improved steadily until they are currently as good as anything you'll find out there.  tThe stories are fun and the characters are worth caring about.  I helped set up a FAQ for him.  And I did this for his birthday.
Oh my Gods Good pagan fun. I stopped reading it regularly when the updates started happening three weeks apart, but it's worth scarfing the archives.
Dragon Tails Now on hiatus, but definitely worth the read.
Free Fall A spacegoing squid sleaze, his robot, and the wolf who's their engineer. One of the best webcomics.
Little Dee A little girl who's lost in the woods. She can't talk, but the animals who befriend her do quite enough. A very clever strip.
Bugs! A rendered strip, as opposed to digitized or scanned drawings. Good clean engineering fun.

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